Go re-register on the website When you enter data about yourself on the "Vkontakte" need to write the name in English. At the bottom of the page, you can choose as the main English language. In this case, the system will consider you a foreigner and will keep the name in English after registration. For greater efficiency, you can go to the site using the American or British proxy server using one of the special sites. Once you get access to the page, all necessary information can be written to the Russian language, leaving English only name.
Write to tech support "Vkontakte" if you don't want to lose the existing page, with a request to change the name. For more convincing, you should write a message literate in English and specify good reason for a name change. For example, you have registered as a friend of a friend in Russia, gave you the right to use the page, etc. But in most cases, the administration allows you to leave the name in English only if it is really your own and trudnoperevarimoy on Russian language.
Purchase one of the available pages with the name and surname in the English language. A few years ago the social network "Vkontakte" allowed to specify information about yourself in almost any language, and now some users have put up for sale pages with preserved name and surname in Latin.