Wife is a close friend and soul mate

A good wife is not only a good lover and a neat housewife. It is, above all, a close friend, a man always able to speak frankly on any, even the most painful subject to talk about their problems, about what was bothering him, concerned. And this is very important! Any person, even the most restrained, strong-willed, sometimes just needs to vent, thus finding peace of the soul.

Caring loving wife always listen carefully, calm, support a difficult minute, it could be corrected. She will find the right words that will give the wife the confidence that all these problems are only temporary, that everything will be fine. The wife can also give helpful advice in almost any situation.
Even those men who laugh at women's intuition, are forced to admit that many women hear the inner voice that tells them how best to proceed.

Finally, however, it is easier to overcome any obstacle or wait out the unfavorable period. For example, my husband started having problems at work, sharply reduced its earnings. Or he became temporarily unemployed. Then, until he gets a new place, the family may be at the expense of those incomes that accrue to the wife.

The wife – the mother of the children of her husband

The instinct of procreation – is one of the strongest. Even many of those men who flaunt their independence and, like the hero of an old good movie, swear that "lighter bronze Horseman to the Registrar to withdraw, what I" secretly dream that they will have children of their own flesh and blood, carriers of their names and heirs. Of course, you can adopt a child or use a surrogate mother. But a child needs both parents, and they should feel the love! He needs his father's protection and care, coupled with reasonable demands, and maternal tenderness, affection.
Statistics clearly show that a lot of people will receive less in the childhood of maternal affection and warmth, subsequently experience a number of serious problems, including mental disorders.

Therefore, it is better not to convince yourself that modern man can manage perfectly well without a wife, and try to find the unique and unique woman, which will want to spend the rest of my life. The girl next to which a man will be calm, warm and cozy.