Types of thermometers

Today you can purchase glass for mechanical or electronic thermometer. Mechanical divided into two types: capillary and bimetallic (alcohol and pointer). Capillary devices have high accuracy and low cost. Instead of mercury they contain either alcohol or other organic liquids, which are painted in the traditional red color.

When the temperature rises outside, the liquid in the capillary of the thermometer expands and contracts when it falls.

Bimetal thermometer is a kind of mechanism with an arrow resembling an ordinary watch. It's not as good as alcohol, but his big hand is clearly visible from afar. The principle of operation of bimetallic thermometer is based on the properties of two-layer material of dissimilar metals (bi-metal) to change its shape under the influence of temperature.

Street electronic thermometers have the form of a thermometer with a digital display in the translucent glass body. They are established exclusively outside the window and is able to remember information about the maximum and minimum temperature. Electronic thermometers are powered by solar panels, which is enough power even for cloudy weather. The cost of these thermometers is much higher than the cost of mechanical devices, however, are easier to install and operate.

Installation of outdoor thermometer

Modern thermometers for plastic Windows are installed on the window profile of the glass using a special holder. Before you install the thermometer you need to check the window for contamination and remove them. On the device installed should not be exposed to direct sunlight, waves in the external units of air conditioning systems, as well as radiation from other heat sources.

After the installation of street thermometer wait about half an hour later, only this time he will begin to show the accurate temperature.

The accuracy of the temperature indicated by the thermometer, will depend on its correct installation on Windows. It is desirable to put outdoor thermometer for plastic Windows on the North side. You also need to ensure that the device was protected from rain and strong wind. If you are installing in a private house, the street, the thermometer must be installed at a distance of at least ten meters from the ground.