Start the game "Sapper" from the menu "start" - "All programs" - "Game." Start the game by the rules, which you can see in app help (select "help" in the left part of the window).
It is best to start to look for mines off the corner. When no corners, it comes to direct rows of unopened cells. Always calculate the possible options, do not "stick" to the cells at random. The game develops logical thinking, because in some cases, to calculate the possible options is quite difficult, and care, because each mistake becomes the last and the game round ends.
Try to mark all mines as quickly as possible. If it is known that the mine is in a certain place, immediately mark it. Otherwise, the end of the game you'll just forget about it.
Sometimes when you press the computer releases additional cells that do not have bombs. In this case, the probability to detect a mine above because once it becomes clear which cells are empty, and in which there is something.
Try to open the closed part of the field. If you are unsure what move you need to do the following, go to another part of the field. It is better to open unexplored cells than to open those places where the mines are.
To always win, you can use a kind of cheat for the game. Turn all programs that cover the Desk, and set a dark background or screensaver. It is desirable to make the screen monochrome. In the program window, type a combination of keyboard buttons "xyzzy" and press the left Shift key. Hit "Start game". Now after pointing the cursor to the cell in the upper-left pixel of the screen will get white (if cell doesn't contain a mine) or black (if a cell has a bomb) color that serves as a convenient hint.