In the game you place on your playing field, ten ships, four-deck, two three-deck, three double-deck and four-deck ship.
It is most advantageous to place all the ships, except for four single-deck, at the edges of the field vertically and horizontally.
Single-deck ships will place randomly in all free cells of the field – this will hamper their search for the enemy and will give you the opportunity to buy time to win, as multi-decked ships, located at the edges of the field, your opponent will find pretty quickly. The reason for this is that the playing field consists of 100 cells, while six ships will take 16 cells.
Placing the ships on the edges of the field, you will do if they defeat inactive only a few cells around the time as the location of the three-deck ship in the middle of the field will make inactive 12 inactive cells around it, and thus will narrow the search of new ships to the enemy.
The more active cells to the shots is the enemy, the more chances you'll have to knock out his ships successful hit.
Similarly, placing the center of the field four-deck ship, you lose as many as 14 empty cells around him. If the ship to place on the edge of the field, you will lose only 8 cells. Thus, if you add up all the inactive cells, the remainder of the ships, located on the edges, you get a pretty big gain in time and in the number of available fields for the enemy.
To win with almost absolute certainty, starting the game, shoot in the middle of the opponents. So you will understand placed in the center of the field their ships, or adhere to your tactics.
Play consistently – if you hit the ship, go on all her decks, until the ship is sunk. Then continue to search for the other ship.
In the end consistently on the basis of the remaining cells, looking for single-deck ships of the enemy.