The essence of this game and the objective of each player – in recognition of the mafia. Each individual game, since the game depends on the personalities of other players. It is best to play with people you already know as players in the "Mafia"so you will be able to quickly determine whether the person in front of you is mafia, or he is a civilian.
Always watch the players, observe their behavior, facial expressions and emotions in different game situations. If you know your interlocutors, you will understand what emotions give to each of them mafia – each person may have their own individual non-verbal manifestations.
Watch is there at the table people who do not show much interest in the game and are not involved in the discussion. Most likely, these people are the mafia, because they are interested in land, then to connect to the game. Always listen carefully to the speech of the person playing. Not only gestures and facial expressions can give the mafia – it can also issue a careless phrase made impulsively.
Pay attention to people who are trying to divert suspicion from himself, trying to vote against someone who voted against them.
In the beginning of the game try to make the silent players, as they impede gameplay and bothering to understand what they have in mind. After a couple of games, they will begin to engage in discussion, and the game will become clearer and more interesting.
Also, if you play mafia, you can substitute one of their own, to win. Blaming the player, always back up your accusations, otherwise other players will guess what you're doing.