You will need
  • - INN of the enterprise;
  • - the name of the company.
Call the office of the company. This case is effective only when the company is valid and legal. Call the receptionist or to help the company and specify the surname, name, patronymic of the Director General. If you are asked to clarify the purposes for which we need these data answer that for a formal letter to the project agreement or come up with another reason. Usually, information on the name of Director General gives no problems.
Contact the tax authority to receive extracts from EGRUL. You need to go to the office in which is registered the company is required by the Director General. The number of the tax authority can determine at the INN of the enterprise. The first two digits indicate the city, and the third and fourth digits of the tax number. Determine according to this tax. To do this, go to the website of the Federal tax service to go to get the address of the IRS". Contact your tax officer. Write an application for obtaining extracts from EGRUL. Specify in the application the name of the organization and its INN or OGRN. Pay the state fee for obtaining extracts from EGRUL. The state fee is 200-400 rubles. When you pay 200 rubles, the statement can be to get through the week, and if you pay 400 rubles – the next day.
Refer to the online intermediaries that offer their services to quickly obtain extracts from EGRUL. In this case, you do not need to waste their strength in the queues of the tax service. Intermediary company alone will make obtaining extracts from EGRUL and will deliver it to you at the specified address.
Analyze them all. It must be specified lookup data, the General Directors and founders of the company, and the address and contact numbers of the company. In addition, the extract incorporation contain information about the change of the General Director, if any, was the place to be.