The first thing you have to hold a founders meeting, where the decision on change of the management company. A Protocol where all founders are signed.
The next step should be to discuss this issue with the Director himself. The reasons for the dismissal can be three:1. objective circumstances not related to the work of the Director (change of founders, change of activity, etc.);
2. unfair work supervisor(truancy, incompetence, etc.);
3. force majeure circumstances.If the dismissal occurs for objective reasons, then you need to speak with a person and come to a consensus about the necessity of such a step. You can dismiss for 279 article TK (dismissal not related to the employee's work) or article 77 (the mutual consent of the parties). In this case, the compensation to the former employee. But the former head may be dismissed under article 81 as positions are not relevant. In this case, the payment is not assigned. The Director shall sign all documents prepared for the notary, which requires his signature. Take in the tax office extract from the register of the company.
Need to come to the notary to notarize all the documents about the change of leadership of the company. Usually, working with documents has a new CEO, or the person temporarily fulfilling its functions. After certification of all documents by a notary is required to make the necessary revisions on the company's management in all concerned institutions: the IRS, the pension Fund, the Bank where your checking account.