Black shoes patent leather: lustrous elegance

Black shoes can be considered the base Shoe. Depending on the model, they will be suitable to the strict dress, and evening dress and jeans. However, when it comes to black shoes of patent leather.

Black patent leather shoes look impressive and sexy. These shoes and its host, will not remain unnoticed. Therefore, the set of clothes needs to be carefully considered.

For example, elegant addition to patent-leather shoes will be the evening dress. You can choose from short, slinky, long flowing silhouettes, from which the shoes will be a tempting peek. However, be careful to choose solely laconic dresses made of matte fabrics without fussy decoration.
Shoes should be in this ensemble is the main shining element. So refrain from calling accessories. However, the dress itself can be bright: red, blue, purple, white.

Classic boats today, also created from patent leather. The model will help to dilute business suit, introducing a touch of sexiness and openness. Just be careful in some US States, for example, patent leather shoes is forbidden by law to wear with skirts due to the fact that the shoes reflected underwear.

There are also black patent leather, ballet flats and boots. They will be the perfect refined Shoe for every day. Wear them with narrow pants, wide skirts, dresses, cardigans and jackets. To enhance the sparkle of the shoes will help you a purse, shiny brooch or bag.

Multicolored lacquer shoes

Very popular among modern women are patent leather shoes shade nude. Many of them wore Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller and other celebrities. The secret of this demand is its versatility.

Patent leather shoes and ballet flats color nude perfect for light dresses, evening dresses, jeans. This footwear allows you to quickly and easily create a romantic and delicate look, perfect for a date or summer party. For example, bodily wear patent leather shoes with a light chiffon skirt of identical color and a simple white top.
Shoes shade nude is a must have in every girl's wardrobe. They fit the outfits of almost any color, allowing you a few seconds to create a stylish and impressive ensemble.

One of the new Shoe trends – colored patent leather shoes. Shoes looks very impressive and bright, which requires discreet top. The best choice would be the black dress of the interesting frosted material: chiffon, lace, stretch. Will look good and gray outfit, but in this case, you need to think about the identical color shoes accessories.