Grey dress: brevity in every day

Grey dress – a constant attribute of office decor. The color doesn't look geeky, hides figure flaws, allows you to literally disappear among the papers. However boring the way should be left in the past: today, grey dress at the peak of popularity and is a stylish item of clothing.

That grey dress looked more interesting to him, pick up beautiful accessories. To work you should not choose something bright. Focus on products calm colours: beige, black, brown, pale pink. For example, decorate the dress, a silver brooch-flower design, or use a wide leather/wood bracelets. The best shoes to the dress and the accessories will be brown or black dress shoes/ankle boots.
Grey dress goes well with silver accessories. A massive chain, multilayer necklace, long earrings, rings, metal belt will instantly transform the prude in the stylish girl.

Well as neutral accessories are the products of lilac, deep purple and blue colors. Bag, earrings with stones, beads these elegant shades will bring a casual look a touch of mystery and will make you more feminine. Note the shoes: in this case, select a bright (mother of pearl, pearl) shoes or ballet flats.

Vivid image in the gray dress

Dress gray is a great basis for creating elegant and striking evening look. The tone of the outfit allows you to pick him a lot of notable accessories that will perfectly set you apart from the crowd. Most importantly – decide on the experiments.

A very beautiful addition to the gray dress will be an original long necklace. The color palette of jewelry may be varied. Grey goes well with coral, yellow, red, blue, etc. the Shoes in this ensemble must be either to match the dress, or to repeat the hue of the handbag.
Diluting gray dress with colorful accessories, do not use many colors. Remember that the thing should remain the Central element, the other products just to emphasize it.

Wonderful accessories are the brooches, belts, scarves, shoes, juicy berry shades. This set will look dynamic, spectacular and stylish. Such a daring combination use for going to the exhibition, in the theater or on a date.

Pay special attention to the selection of tights to the gray dress. Strictly for the look exceptionally thin light beige options. When creating the ensemble on the way out, allow yourself to relax. To grey perfect bright red, green, sapphire, orange tights. Deciding on an experiment, or refuse of other accessories at all, or pick them up in the same key with a bright bottom.