The thinner the dress – the smaller "den" in the tights, that is they are more transparent and leaner. Evening or light summer dress is unacceptable to wear tights with shorts and black socks.
Nude and black color tights – a classic of the genre. They fit perfectly to any bathroom. Remember that black tights slim the legs and add light volume. By the way, many aristocratic families still considered that black tights are a great option for evening dress, and the appearance in them is appropriate only after 7 PM.
Today a huge popular colored tights. There are a few rules of their combination with the dress. So, tights (must be aged one of the principles):- should have paired accessory in the outfit – for example a handbag, gloves, scarf of the same color;
- should be same color as shoes. This option, incidentally, is also visually lengthens legs;
- must match the color of the bottom of the toilet (for example, Burgundy tights to the dress with purple skirt);
- can have the same color as the dress but slightly more warm or cold shade;
- solid colored tights – perfect for dresses with a print pattern. Color of tights should overlap with the color details or background of the picture.
Fishnet tights, tights with a pattern reminiscent of a tattoo – a must-have in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas. But what to wear? The best companion for fishnet tights will be easy cocktail dress made of fine cloth and lace.
Don't be afraid to experiment, but remember that it is better to "under" than "over-".