Advice 1: Choose a beautiful Cape for your evening dress

Girls are very serious about the choice of dress for the Grand occasion. But without the properly matched shoes, jewelry and hairstyles the finished image impossible. In addition, many gowns require a Cape. This item of clothing will accentuate a luxurious way to warm a cold evening.
Choose a beautiful Cape for your evening dress

Choose a light cloth dress

The cloak is better to try on with the dress to prevent errors. So much easier to choose the right model. For example, the Cape to match the outfit will fit if you love the classic style for social events. The transparent Cape is considered to be universal.

But the cloak, which differ in texture and color of the dress, suitable for lovers of experiments. Dekolirovaniya outfit with thin spaghetti straps will not be without capes, but you need to leave open one part of the body - back, legs or chest is a designer law.

Model capes evening dress

The types of capes are different. What to choose depends on the texture and the model of evening dresses. Consider the most popular capes.

Bolero. This short jacket with sleeves come to direct the dresses. The material of the jacket must match the material of the dress in color or texture. You can buy a jacket with lace or decoration of fur - it looks gorgeous.

Knitted Cape.One can choose dressy shawl, stole or scarf. Knitted capes usually are laced the method of knitting, on edge and are embellished with fringe.

Coat. Externally, the mantle resembles a short fur coat. Has flared sleeves, a-line silhouette. Coat warm, so better to combine it with an evening dress frosty in the evening.

Boa. Scarf of fur or some feathers wrapped around the neck or simply tie on the shoulders. Boa can effectively complement the dress. This Cape can be worn over a sleeveless dress or with them.

Now even made evening dresses that are already sewn from chiffon capes. This is convenient, because girls do not have to search for the accessory to the dress.

Advice 2: Cape for evening dress: tips for choosing

Usually women carefully choose a dress for special occasions, but often forget that even the most beautiful outfit will not make image harmonious and complete without well-chosen accessories. One such accessory is the perfect complement to evening dress, which allows you to not only give alongside a refined and elegant look, but also to give the image a special glamour.
Cape for evening dress

How to choose a Cape on a dress?

Cape must not only be in harmony with the evening dress, it should highlight, but in any case not overshadow its beauty. Therefore, the choice of capes should be treated with special attention. Better to try on this dress. It'll be much easier to choose the style and material.

Those who are drawn to the classic style in clothes, it is better to opt for a Cape to match the dress. This combination will be appropriate for any festive event.

People who are prone to extravagance and shocking, for sure will like the capes that are different from evening dresses texture and color. A versatile option – transparent Cape that will look luxurious with any outfit style.

For dekolirovaniya dresses light cloak of flowing fabric can be a great addition, however, as the fur boa. That the image was harmonious, the stylists suggest to leave open only one part of the body: chest, back, or legs, so the Cape will be very useful.

Накидки к вечерним платьям

The types of capes

Evening dress can be complemented by several varieties of capes, it all depends on the style of dress, the material from which it is made, and the image that wants to create its owner.

Виды накидок

Short dresses straight cut looks great Bolero – a short jacket with sleeves. Perfect when the Bolero made of the same fabric as the dress, or identical with color. Very elegant look, these jackets with Swan's down or with lace.

The stole (scarf of fur or feathers) are throwing one shoulder. This Cape make the look refined and elegant, adding a touch of luxury. Boa suitable to the dress with shoulder straps, outfits with sleeves.

Knitted wraps also enjoyed popularity among the modern fashionistas. These capes can be made in the form of a stole, scarf or shawl.

Модные накидки

Knitted capes usually are laced way of knitting, however, they can be decorated with fringe or bound on the edge of the border.

The ladies, who tend to luxury and want to attract attention, there will be the Cape-coat. This cloak resembles a short coat, but has a trapezoidal profile. Sleeves coat always extended downward. This Cape can be a win-win option in the cold season.

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