You will need
  • dress, jewelry, mirror.
Select a dress. To him picking up an accessory or decoration, first of all, determine what will be the style of ensemble that you would like to obtain. Business and casual dress may be transformed with decorations and become the basis of evening toilet. If the dress is purely formal or cocktail, it is very important not to overload it with accessories and decorations attached along the pretentiousness and often looks tacky.
Examine dress on the presence in its shapes of decorative elements, which themselves can serve as decorationm to your outfit. Such items are considered complex cut of the neck, with the inclusion of bows, Drapes neck, shirred, lace or just a very lush collar. These include embroidery, flowers, stones on the bodice. Very sparkly dresses, dresses using a large number of buff, Ruche and ruffles. To dresses with similar decorative elements no additional decorations are required.
Pay attention to the neckline of her dress. The classic option is the duplication of a loop hanging from the neck decoration cutout dress. For V-neckline fit chain with a pendant of different lengths, necklaces are triangular in shape with a wide neckline. If the angle of the cut is big enough or shaped, it will look good beads, round link chains and necklaces. In most cases, choker appropriate when the neckline is quite deep, or is it a bustier dress. Halter neckline, long boat, quads do not require additional emphasis, so if you really want to decorate something your neck, it can be only long, below the solar plexus, free-hanging pendants.
Take a look at the material from which the custom made dress. The finer the fabric and lighter the dress, the easier and more graceful should be a decoration to him. Fans of massive jewelry can decorate their ears and wrists, if wearing a light dress. Thick woolen dress minimalist cut also allow combination with relatively large ornaments.
Not sure about compatibility of materials. If the dress fabric metallic thread is present, the color of the metal on the decoration needs to match it in color. If you use gold in your jewelry should be silver or platinum. The same pattern applies to any precious metal. If the basis for the decoration is a ribbon, its color should overlap with the hue of dress. If the arms are bare, you can decorate the bracelet of similar material. Jewelry also looks better as a single kit.
Look in your wardrobe of various scarves. In their skillful use, they can all serve as great decorationm dress.