What can I use for gastritis

If a person has gastritis with high acidity, it is possible to eat the first meal in the form of lean soups to chicken, beef or vegetable broth. They can fill with rice, chopped vegetables or noodles. Good for soups.
Soups on fatty rich broth, and sour entrees (soup, pickle, soup of sauerkraut) should be excluded from the menu.

The second food is best to eat in the form of steam cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, soufflé, lean beef, veal, chicken, and lean types of fish. Garnish suitable rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, and pasta. And here's porridge of barley, millet, corn cereals should be consumed very infrequently or not at all excluded from the diet.

Dairy allowed milk, low fat cream, yogurt, sour cream, cheese. Cheese – only mild and unsalted varieties. From fats – refined vegetable oil (sunflower, olive). In small quantities allowed and melted butter. Eggs can be eaten in omelets, steamed or boiled soft-boiled. Bread – wheat, slightly stale.

There are butter cakes, and brown bread is categorically unacceptable. You should not eat any hot or cold food.
The optimal temperature is from 40 to 50oC.

Gastritis with low acidity food should be gentle enough for the mucosa of the stomach, and at the same time to stimulate the production of juice. Therefore, in addition to the above, you can include in your diet meat stews, fish, poultry, hearty soups, cooked or steamed vegetables (except cabbage and beans). You can even sometimes eat fried foods if they were prepared without breading and crust.

What foods are allowed when gastric

If a person has a stomach ulcer, it can eat wheat bread (slightly stale or dried), milk or pureed soups, cereals, steam cutlets, quenelles, soufflé, lean meat, poultry and fish. Vegetables allowed potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini in a steam pudding or mashed potatoes, and dairy foods – milk, cream, cottage cheese and sour cream. From permitted cereals rice, semolina, oatmeal.

In General, the diet in ulcer of the stomach is very similar to the diet for gastritis with high acidity. Of course, you should avoid fatty, fried and spicy food.