By education young people have different perceptions of being admired. Some enjoy the flattery, which he considers justified. Another completely oblivious, thinking it primitive attentions from the ladies. The wise guy takes the compliment, as a guide to action.

An experienced man responds kindly to female admiration. Sincere praise creates favorable conditions for communication. But he will show irritation if replicas take the form of blatant flattery: "You're so smart and bold!", "I am in awe of the beauty of your profile.

For some wives a compliment is a great tool of manipulation by the husband. In the course of research psychologists have shown that in families where men are often rewarded with thanks and praise, they are more responsible for household duties. Compliments, uttered in bed, it is a sign of the sexual culture of the family. Systematically voiced approval form friendly, improves personal self-esteem.

It is appropriate to praise the man in front of the intention to make a comment. Before determining the importance of the fact that a spouse will have to solve, it is necessary to emphasize its importance for family members.

Every man perceives flattery as an insult, and the woman has a certain self-interest. Never exaggerate sexual ability of the partner. The result may be aggressive turnover, especially if the guy is critical of your own abilities.