Create folders on the home screen of the device available since iOS 4. With folders you can group similar apps in a separate menu item. The operation can be performed directly from your smartphone without connecting it to the computer.
Go to edit mode of the main screen. To do this, unlock your smartphone by pressing the power button on the top of the apparatus. Click on any application icon available on the screen and hold your finger until until all the icons begin to shake and in the left side of each icon displays a cross icon, which allows you to remove installed programs.
Drag one icon on the screen on top of the other. Click on any app and move it on top of another. This will allow you to merge two labels in the same directory of the smartphone.
To rename the folder, again go to the edit mode of the order of the icons on the display and click on the image directory. The screen will display a dialog box where you can enter a name for the catalog. Click on line to enter text and type the desired name. Below you will see the apps that are in this directory.
To add another program to the directory in edit mode, move the shortcut of the desired application on the folder icon. If everything was done correctly, the new application appears in the selected directory.
Deleting folders is also carried out in edit mode. Click on the folder icon and start dragging it copied the shortcuts on the desktop. As soon as the applications directory are no more, the directory will be automatically deleted from the system.