If the wife earns more, the husband?

One of the cornerstones of marriage – mutual respect. And here lies the problem, often due to stereotypes, their own equipment and other important things, respect for the man is based on his financial situation and financial capabilities. It is believed that if a woman earns a lot, and my husband a little, then he's a loser, a parasite, a pussy and a quitter.
Strange but true – from the Internet-conferences, psychological seminars and trainings the impression that the only criterion for evaluating men with money.

So, first of all, for a comfortable coexistence in such a situation, it is necessary to change the coordinate system. For sure, you have a lot of things for which you can respect my husband – he's ready to sit with the kids, cooks, loves his job, does his thing, saves the planet... it is Not necessary to operate with outdated clichés. And in any case do not saw the husband, if he tries to change the situation or just proud of you and very much support in your work.

More salary, more problems?

But if the husband strongly reacts negatively to the wages of his wife, suffers from a complex and tormented, it is necessary to do something. Otherwise, the situation may gradually undermine marriage and lead to divorce.

If my husband annoys the current situation, he should think about finding new jobs and new sources of income. If he does everything possible for this, be calm and patience, the situation will change, and the family all will be adjusted.
Share with friends and work buddies information about what earn more than her husband. This can lead to misunderstanding.

Well, if the husband does nothing but constantly criticizes you (complains about the lack of attention to him and beloved children, grumbling about the mess, she thinks you are too seldom cook), you need to understand the real reasons for this situation. It is possible that your man is happy the current state of Affairs. First, he has no financial problems, and secondly, there is plenty to blame on his wife all the discontent. Psychologists believe that such problems arise when the male pride wounded.

Unfortunately, all of the recommendations in this situation are addressed to women:
1. Be sure to discuss with your husband the situation.
2. Do not take the help of her husband on the farm for granted. Praise and thank the man, when he washes the dishes, vacuuming or washing. Ideally, women's work in the field of home Economics should also be rewarded with praise, but women are easier to put up with her absence.
3. Agree that money (or part thereof) are stored in a special place where you and husband can take them.
4. Never compare her husband with successful friends or relatives. It's very hurtful self-esteem.