You will need
  • Russian - English phrase book or a tutorial;
  • - audio programs;
  • - films in English with Russian subtitles.
The first thing you have to do is, of course, to learn the English alphabet. Learn the sound and spelling of letters, in this case better to use the audio program. Also, learn the standard combinations of letters and their sounds. After this study the basic rules of grammar and the major revolutions in order to understand the structure of sentences.
If you need English for a specific purpose, to participate in some event, then focus on a particular area, whether for cooking, medicine, etc. If you are planning a vacation trip and want to feel it freely, purchase a Russian-English PhraseBook, where there are sections with vocabulary on the theme of communication in airports, stores, restaurants, museums, public transport and on the street. In such publications there is a list of typical phrases which can be necessary is always: how to greet and say goodbye, how to ask for directions somewhere for how to find the time, etc. Well, if the phrase will be accompanied by an audio CD, then you will learn to perceive the English words not only visually, but also aurally.
If there is no need to learn vocabulary on a certain topic, start to engage the topic that is closest to you. Of people just learns and learns what he is interested. If you are fond of Shakespeare, read his biography and summaries of books in English. If you love cooking or psychology, read recipes or feature articles. Move and learn your favorite songs in English. When you get the hang of it, you can move on to other topics. But in the beginning in any case have to learn a minimal set of commonly-used words and expressions, and grammar rules.
Important in learning a discipline. Make a lesson plan, select a certain time of day when you can safely do, take it right amount of hours and try to follow this routine. Do not allow yourself to be lazy and to postpone the lesson for tomorrow. Every day repeat the material covered yesterday. Every two or three days, ask a friend or someone from home to give you a dictation to consolidate the studied vocabulary.
Watching movies in English. Naturally, this process gives pleasure only to those who are learning English quite a long time and knows it well. Your task at the initial stage do not understand everything they say, and to get used to the sounds of English speech. So even if you're looking at the Russian subtitles to your ears, meanwhile, will gradually adapt to the foreign language.
Ask a friend to help you learn the language. This is an opportunity for him to acquire new knowledge. Learn words and expressions from any of the lesson and replay the scene with dialogue.