Sign up for an intensive Express course of English language. Classes usually take place in groups of no more than 10 people – several times a week for 1.5-2 hours. Group study language is suitable for those who feels comfortable surrounded by people. The alternative option is private lessons with a tutor, a teacher will see and correct all of your shortcomings, will make the training program depending on your needs and abilities.
Get a dictionary (notebook or Notepad), write out all new words and remember them. Teach in day 20-30 words, and in a month your vocabulary significantly replenished. Depending on the reason you want to learn the language, focus on the desired region (tourism, professional activity, business, communication in everyday life.
Download or purchase audio books, in addition to this special dialogues in English, listen to them while riding on public transport or at home in your free time. Watch movies or TV shows in English without subtitles.
Communicate with native speakers of the language: if you know no foreigners sign up in the international social network, etc.) – use the friends, in order to specify "for learning a foreign language" and communicate every day for 30 minutes with the man will find.
Read books, Newspapers and magazines in English, on the BBC website there is a section "Learning English" – this section is necessary for reading the news vocabulary quizzes to test knowledge. If English language you need for work, study professional literature in English. Unclear lexical structures and professional terminology can be translated using professional dictionaries (e.g. , etc.).