You will need
  • cold water, crushed ice, a hair dryer with a "cold air", olive or vegetable oil spray or varnish for drying the varnish.
Put nail Polish in the fridge for a few hours. After this time you can start to do a manicure. Chilled varnish forms a thin layer, and dries much faster.
Apply a decorative coating only on fat-free nails. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in the liquid for removing nail Polishor rubbing alcohol. Grind the nail plate. After this treatment it becomes smooth and the coverage lasts a lot longer.
Do not apply the varnish in a thick layer, it is better to make 2 thin that the color was more intense. It is also desirable to use a base Foundation. It will protect the nails from harmful effects of varnish.
Dip fingertips in cold water. Best to take a bath, or under running water , the lacquer may smear. Watch the temperature: the colder the water is, the faster it will dry the varnish. Can also add in the tub of chopped ice. After 10 minutes, dry hands in the air, not wiping.
Use olive or vegetable oil. Make your manicure dry nail Polish in a natural way within a few minutes. Then on each nail, apply oil. It must be done gently to prevent damaging the lacquer. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse your nails with cool water.
Dry Polish cold air flow. Only after such an extreme drying manicure will last long. After a few days the varnish will crack. Turn on the Hairdryer to "cool air" and brought it to the nails. Moreover, I can use the fan. Do not dry the varnish with hot air - it damages the coating.
Use professional products: lacquerand sprays for quick drying. Apply the coating on already painted nails and wait a couple of minutes. Sprays are usually used in beauty salons. It is sprayed on the nail plate at a distance of 20-30 cm Special tools allow you not only to quickly dry the decorative coating, but also to strengthen it and to give a charming glitter.