Garnet is a translucent stone, often red. There are gems in various shades, from pink to deep Burgundy. The name of the stone was due to resemblance to pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate has long been used in jewelry, it is popular today, not only in women but also in men.
Much less common are other garnet varieties – yellow, brown. The rare emerald-green garnet.

Properties of pomegranate

If you believe the experts in astrology, garnet has magical and healing properties. This stone is a symbol of love. Lonely people it helps rather find your soulmate. Those who have already found happiness, pomegranate will give a long and enduring feeling. Decorating this gem will give joy to the soul, to help to cast off the grief, heal from depression and tendency to pessimism.

Pomegranate is not only a stone of love, it also symbolizes power and authority. It is believed that their owners it develops these same qualities: makes cowards more than the brave, superficial people – wise and prudent. It gives its owner the features of the leader and helps him to reach the heights.

Useful wearing garnet and health. This stone has a positive effect on the circulatory and digestive system, strengthens the immune system and assists recovery after colds – sore throats, bronchitis, throws heat and animal headache.

In Ancient Rome it was believed that garnet has magical properties on the female body. The stone was given to the mother to facilitate her torment and helped the early emergence of a child into the world.
Yellow and brown garnets help to cope with allergic manifestations, but it is not recommended to wear those born under the sign of Pisces.

Who is garnet

Deciding to buy a decoration with a pomegranate, make sure it fits your horoscope. It is believed that this stone is perfect for Aquarius and Scorpio. It gives the representatives of these Zodiac signs indomitable will, helps them to overcome all the obstacles that stood in their way. Sometimes he even makes them too aggressive.

Suit grenades and Virgins. They will help to find a man who will give much needed this warmth and will brighten up their loneliness. It is recommended to wear this stone and Sagittarius. It gives the representatives of this sign of power over men's minds, which yearn for those passionate nature.

Garnet is suitable Capricorn. He brings into their lives a little bit of passion, making the usually calm, calculating and melancholic Capricorn more joyful and open.