To find out which precious stone your, read the advice of astrologers and select the ones that correspond to your horoscope. Water zodiac (Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios) experts are advised to wear pearl, coral, aquamarine, amber, lapis lazuli and other stones, whose origin or name is associated with water. For example, the coral growing on the seabed, as the pearl is born in the shell of the mollusk, which lives in the ocean and in fresh water. Contraindicated for these signs of the zodiac gems in black – jade, black chalcedony, diamond Gerkmayer.
The zodiac signs of air (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius), it is recommended to wear stones that liberate emotions, reveal the talents – Jasper, onyx, quartz (rose quartz, opal, chrysoprase, rock crystal, etc.). Also these three characters fit blue stones: turquoise, which is considered a talisman of trade, and Topaz, giving cheerfulness and optimism. But the red stones, according to astrologers, less suited to Libra and Gemini, i.e., it is not recommended to wear garnet, red coral, ruby, etc.
For signs of earth element (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) are more suitable disturbing feelings and forcing "to play" blood precious stones. These signs are perfect red gems, for example, ruby, a symbol of authority, or grenades, bestowing ardent feelings and passionate love. Virgos are best suited rich green emeralds - they make the wearer wise and proud. Astrologers believe that turquoise is not suitable for Capricorn, but the Taurus should refrain from wearing alexandrite.
The three signs of the fire element (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) shows the stones of warriors and winners – agate, onyx and even treacherous serpentine (serpentine). The people of these zodiac signs domineering, strive to conquer the peaks, and therefore the stones they should choose with the corresponding magical properties. So, for example, onyx is a talisman of the conquerors, and the black agate gives wisdom and success in Affairs. Sapphire - stone of wisdom, justice and victory - it is recommended to wear only archers.
Scientists involved in the occult, believe that every name has a corresponding stone amulet. So, according to them, all Nataly fit beryls, helps to maintain alertness, and Olga is more consistent with opal - a symbol of happiness. Tamara should wear fluorite, which activates thought processes, but Yulia will love the rubellite is a stone of kindness and chastity.
There are correspondences between the lunar day of birth and an stone clear which gem is suitable for people who patronize Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. after reviewing all these recommendations, you can discover what is your zodiac sign fits you one stone and the name is completely different. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose the stone that you liked, liked. Hold different gems in my hands and listen to the inner voice, if you find the stone that will soothe and give a sense of happiness, so - this is your talisman stone.