Causes of headache

Since headache may, for various reasons, the universal remedy against this scourge does not exist. So, migraines can be caused by a decrease or increase in pressure, the blood circulation in the brain and the difficulty of transmission of nerve impulses because of malfunction of the nervous system. Headache can be caused by stress, fatigue, awkward posture, and even starvation.

But not only the stretching of the walls of blood vessels causes headaches – they can appear when changes in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid, which is typical for tumors, injuries of the brain, meningitis and other serious diseases. In some cases, headache is the consequence of self-hypnosis in mental disorders and phobias that some consequence of hormonal changes, for example, in the days of menstruation and during pregnancy.

Best remedies for headache

After ascertaining the cause of the headache, you will be able to choose the right and best remedy for her. So, at elevated pressure and poor circulation should be taken "Piracetam", hypotension fit tablets, caffeine and codeine: "Citramon", "Pentalgin", "Sedalgin", "no-Shpagin", "Unicas", "Solpadein", "Codeless". For the best combined assets from headaches can be attributed to "Nurofen plus", "Effective", "Brosten", "Novigan". But you have to understand that all of these medications affect the heart and liver.

Sparing action have such drugs as "no-Spa", "Panadol" and "Paracetamol", they can be taken and pregnant, but only after consulting a doctor. Children under 12 years, aspirin is better not to give, and to use the people's money. Tested for centuries, these safe remedies can be considered the best, so when the headache is just beginning, is to try to stop it with their help.

In cases where the cause of pain in the head is a breach in the spinal column – the vertebrae shift, pinching the blood vessels, induration of the neck muscles, etc., and the best remedy will be the therapeutic massage. Regular headaches caused by amino-toxicity – overabundance in the body of animal protein can be removed by simply changing your diet and introducing more vegetables, including those rich in vegetable protein.

Good effect headaches can have a massage, a warm bath with aromatic oils of peppermint, lavender, lemon and marjoram, hot foot bath with the addition of dry mustard.