Objective reality

One of the objective reasons that do not allow to keep some plants at home, is the content of the poisons in the leaves or the latest flavors. For example, one of the most common office plants – dieffenbachia – is dangerous to the health of man juice. An adult from contact with a broken leaf dieffenbachia burn occurs, children have asphyxial response.

Euphorbia and its types (for example, a beautiful and stately Croton) also have a poisonous juice. And the liquid obtained from the oleander, and all can lead to blindness if it is to drink or to drink with food.

Japanese rodea causes spasms of the vocal cords, and Azalea convulsions.

Seemingly innocuous Mimosa pudica has no threat of juice, but its sweet smells lead to human hair loss, so keep it in the living room is not recommended.

Lily is also not poisonous, but her intoxicating fragrance, like the scent of Lily of the valley, causes headaches and nausea, besides Lily excessively actively absorb oxygen. If you really love this flower, try to place it in open areas with good air flow.

Popular today orchids are known for their ability to initiate neural activity. To sleep in the room with the orchids well is unlikely to succeed. Place the plant in the kitchen or in the living room.

Very allergic geranium, it is grown only on the balcony, and hydrangeas are hung to avoid contact it leaves people's skin.


Many religions of the world, as well as folk endowed with plants, including room, almost magical properties. Part of colors draw luck love and happiness, and part of, on the contrary, only poison masters. So, ivy plants considered to be"aregone", it is their blame in family disorders and women alone.

Tuberose leads to a prolonged depression, and Pansy provoke binges and call to the house of death.

Cacti in the apartment of the girl will not allow her to have a lover, and hibiscus, China rose, will be the cause of tearful hysterics.

Bonsai in the house too discouraged, this plant office, "public". Bonsai, like many other malacosoma or not blooming at all plants, is the energy vampire. Since ancient times believed that "good" are plants with lush foliage and bright blooms, but those that have irregular crown and long branches, on the contrary, will lead to the house of sorrow and trouble, they can neither keep, nor to bring into the house. The exception of aloe, which, due to its healing properties, has always been the protector of the house and flower house.