You will need
  • Cement, sand, rope, construction level and plumb, aerocrete.
Mix cement mortar in the ratio of 1 part cement, 3 parts sand. This mixture should be used for laying the first row. The remaining rows it is better to use a special glue or mortar.
Begin construction of aerated concrete walls with the corners of the building. As you would with a normal bricks, follow the packing joints.
Check vertical and horizontal plane of the block. Do it with a special plumb Bob and a level.
Stretch the string between the blocks of concrete, forming the edge of the future wall. To fix it should be to the upper corners of the blocks. The rope must be stretched perfectly straight, so use a level.
Put one block after another, focusing on the level of the rope. Adjust the height of the packing of the seam below the surface of the first row of blocks was smooth. Depends on the quality of masonry throughout the walls, and thus the structure as a whole.
Check after every two or three rows of blocks at the wall both horizontal and vertical. In some cases, the wall can shift to the side. This situation can be easily remedied. It should return the blocks in place, lightly hitting him with a trowel.
Provide forced ventilation in the building process. This will accelerate the drying of the blocks.