Concrete, unlike other building materials, has one, but significant disadvantage: it is very susceptible to any kind of deformation. The resistance to bending of blocks of gas silicate is so small that even small shifts in the Foundation can cause cracks up the entire wall. So getting to the construction of such a house the main attention should be paid to its Foundation.
Requirements for foundations for houses of aerocrete

Given the nature of this material, the selection of Foundation types is significantly restricted. Construction of gas silicate requires the most stable and well reinforced foundations. These include: monolithic slab, strip and columnar base. It is essential to make a correct calculation of the bearing capacity and strength of Foundation of houses of aerocrete with a ground floor or high basement.
Build a high quality Foundation for such buildings is not easy, but it can get much worse if the site high groundwater level. For the developer in this case has two ways out: either to build a house of a different material or install a drainage communication. In the latter case, the cost of housing will increase significantly.
High groundwater level threat waterlogging of the soil and the risk of frequent flooding in the spring and autumn periods. It can cause premature destruction of the Foundation and, accordingly, the deformation of the base and the house. Wet soils belong to the category of zelepukina, those in which the Foundation has various powerful forces: push, shrink, grow, etc. Therefore, for the construction of houses of aerocrete on heaving soils is required to efficiently seal the base and make a ring or wall drainage.
Optimal Foundation for the house of aerocrete

For small buildings will be quite monolithic strip Foundation. To build houses of silicate on national foundations is not recommended. The level of penetration of the tape is calculated based on the soil type and other factors the construction site. Suitable for such structures and pile Foundation. But it needs to embrace the whole frame reinforced concrete grillage. This precaution will help prevent the cracking of concrete walls.
Monolithic concrete slab – more expensive Foundation, but it is much more reliable. On this Foundation the construction of gas silicate blocks can stand for decades without any damage. This solution is optimal for the individual developer.