It is important to remember that the metal soap has no detergents, girorastvorimie and antibacterial properties – it is only intended for neutralization of unpleasant odor from the skin, so if you need to wash dirt, you should use a conventional toilet soap.
The metal soap is made from a special proprietary alloy of stainless steel with sulphur additive, and in this alloy is its principle: the metal reacts chemically with acids that cause the odors and neutralizes them. Shelf life metal soap is unlimited. You can keep it on the stand that is included with the product, in a conventional soap dish or simply on a shelf or in a cupboard in the bathroom.
To use soap, you need to hold it in my hand under the faucet under warm running water about half a minute, then slowly twist in the palms of your hands, simulating the soaping ordinary toilet soap. Wash time is 1 minute. The whole point of the procedure lies in the contact of wet skin with metal. If the smell has not disappeared, the procedure of washing should be repeated.
Using the metal soap, it is not possible to use any detergents – soap, gel, powder, etc., otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved! It should also be understood that when "soaping" no mylady sensations will be felt.