The composition of soap

Soap consists of salts of fatty acids and various additives that improve the washing properties of the soap. The color, the smell, the washing properties of the soap are directly dependent on raw materials from which it is made. So, the soap, which mainly consists of saturated fatty acids - lauric, stearic, palmitic - foam only in hot water, as these acids have a melting point of from 44 to 70 degrees, and this soap has very good cleaning properties and resistant solid consistency.

Soap of unsaturated fatty acids has the consistency of paste and worse copes with pollution, but it can lather well in cold water.

The best properties of soap made from animal fats technical. Soap, which includes more fatty acids of plant origin, worse foam, quickly soak, rancid.

Classic soap prepared according to the recipe, created in the Soviet Union, contains only sodium salts of fatty acids and oils, table salt, water, caustic and soda ash. It is believed that such soap in full has the best qualities inherent in a real commercial soap.

Modern manufacturers of soap trying to make it more attractive to buyers by adding different components: perfumes to improve the smell of soap, glycerin, soap is not dried to the skin bleaching agents that lighten the soap.

Properties of soap is best manifested when washing and wash in de-ionised water.

By the percentage of the fatty acid soap is divided into three groups: 72% soap, 70% of soap and 65% of the soap. The higher the percentage of fatty acids, the higher the antibacterial and cleaning properties of soap. Usually this percentage is stamped directly on the bar of soap.

Benefits of a proper soap

Real soap contains in its composition only natural substances, so it is absolutely safe for health.

Soap is an ideal cleanser for baby things, as it is hypoallergenic.

The advantage of soap is its low price.

Detergent soap is very high, it copes even with the most severe contamination, with handles tissues very carefully.

Known medicinal properties of soap: they can treat colds and inflammation. This soap disinfects the surface.