Advice 1: What is retail and who are the retailers

Few people can accurately answer, who are retailers, but almost every one of us is a customer of these retailers. And all because retail has firmly entered the lives of millions of people.
What is retail and who are the retailers

Retail and retailers

The term "retail" comes from the English word retail, which means "retail". Thus, the term means a sale of goods to the end consumer, in other words – the retail trade. Accordingly, companies that are engaged in this trade are called retailers.

Despite the fact that retailers sell products, not intended for resale, the extent of their trade are very high. To evaluate them can living in a large city where there are hypermarkets products, electronics, household appliances, etc. they All relate to the retail segment.

Technology retail

Retailers are working with wholesale quantities of goods, but they sell it retail. This scheme operates through a special technology trade. In another they are called " retail technologies, and they are aimed at the mass market. The main task – to hire a minimum staff, which is able to serve maximum customers. Due to this decrease the cost, reducing the cost per client. As a consequence, increases the competitiveness of the retailer.

As an example, the retail technology can result in self-service stores, payment terminals and ATMs.

Orientation on different classes

Retail is very varied offer of goods and services. While they are all gathered in one place. The class of products, staff and consumers can be very different – this approach applies to any industry, whether it be the grocery trade, or banking services. At retail there are several classes: economy, medium, premium, luxury, de Luxe. They vary in level of applied retail technology.

Focuses on attracting customers, in particular, how is the product (in the window, on a shelf at the entrance, etc.). Carefully thought out by the design of the entire trading network.

The income of retailers

The main income of retailers formed by the trading margin (margin). However, the sources of profit can be different. For example, a Russian retail network, with negotiations on the sale of certain goods require a special bonus, which is the fee for entrance to the network. To obtain additional profit retailers also allow promotion actions, advertising and selling of retail space.

Today the retail is independent and very powerful sector of the global economy.

Advice 2 : What is retail

Reading of contemporary Newspapers and magazines, listening to news, you can often hear the new buzz word of foreign origin is "retail". In fact, the value of this business term is not difficult to understand, and with retailers of day-to-day deals almost every adult.

Retail: what is it, and "went from there"

The word "retail" is derived, i.e., comes to us from abroad. This is the Russified version of the English retail, which means "retail trade, sale of goods or services to the final consumer". By the way, the spelling of "retail" is wrong, it is more correct to write this word using the letter "I" - as heard in the English transcription.
The forerunners of the modern retail sector can be considered to be traditional for all world markets, street bazaars, etc. it is the prototype of the so-called retail centers nowadays.

Thus, retail is the combination of all the methods, techniques and tools to bring goods and services to final retail consumers. Accordingly, the retailer is the company, firm, legal entity or individual entrepreneur engaged in the retail sale of goods and services. Of the most obvious and clear to most inhabitants of the examples of the retailers organizations can result in such trade brands as X5 Retail Group, Auchan, Metro, etc.

Retail as a sector of modern economies

Despite the fact that retailers engaged in the sale of goods to the final consumers, individuals, today, the scale of retail trade in Russia and worldwide comparable turnover with wholesale trade sector.

Modern retail is committed to ensuring that by the lowest possible labor and time costs to serve a greater number of retail consumers of goods. This is possible thanks to the special retail technologies, to track the implementation of which is possible, for example, supermarkets, self-service and payment terminals and ATMs.
Huge shopping centres, or malls as they are called today, is the modern retail centers. Their examples – complexes "Mega" in different cities of Russia, "Greenwich" Yekaterinburg, "TSUM" in Moscow, etc.

A striking feature of retail – a wide variety of goods and services accumulated in one place. Thus in any direction in the retailers, whether selling food, clothes, banking etc consumerization economy class, medium, luxury, Deluxe and premium classes. According to this gradation, and share all available goods and services.

The scale of modern retailers companies can achieve giant sizes. So, the turnover of the us retail chains Wal-Mart is 2.5 times higher than the turnover of the diversified Corporation General Electric.
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