You will need
  • A - line perfume;
  • distributor;
  • license;
  • advertising.
Decide which of the popular lines of perfume you will promote your business and locate a wholesale distributor. It should not only provide you with the best prices on quality perfume, but to be respected and trusted. Then you must determine how many customers will be the best for you. It will depend on established wholesale and retail prices and overheads.
Determine whether it is better to open a physical store or sell your perfumes online. It is easier to start a business on the Internet, but customers prefer to see the finished product and immediately take your purchase. Thus, you can consider collaborating with a local boutique, a line of spirits which you can successfully promote it via Internet. Then your initial costs will be minimal, and the credibility of the company is high.
Select a company name and register it in local authorities and licensing business. Determine the form of your business, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, Corporation or firm with limited liability. These different business structures have different tax approaches and responsibility, so you should contact a lawyer and perhaps an accountant to determine which business structure will be most appropriate for you and your business.
Print business cards and flyers, advertise your perfume online. You can advertise in the local newspaper, on social networks or to provide to do this special service. Visit the local beauty salons and give the visitors to your ads. You can ask friends or relatives to pass your test probes their friends, this will help to distribute your products in the shortest time possible and buy a lot of new customers.