Recording system image

Download the system image from the Internet, or use an original disk with Windows, if you did buy it in the store. The image download can be done from the official Microsoft website. There you can buy a serial number to activate the system.

To record the disk image you'll need to install a program for burning. Among the most popular programs of this type can highlight or UltraISO WinToFlash. The first program allows you to record the image as to disks and other removable media. Utility WinToFlash allows you to record system only on the stick. Download or install the selected program, and then run it by using the appropriate shortcut on the desktop.
Before installing a new system, save all valuable data on a separate removable media or another computer, since all information will be erased during the installation process.

Specify the path to the image file in the program using the appropriate menu item. Select "Save" to begin extracting files to install Windows. Don't forget before burning to set the storage medium for recording in the appropriate slot of the computer. After completion of the burn make sure that all your data is saved and the write operation occurred without error.
In UltraISO to write the image to a USB flash drive, use "Burn image hard disk".

Installation of the system

To reinstall the system, restart your computer. When the computer starts, press F2 (F4 or F5, depending on BIOS version) to display the menu control download computer. Go to the section Boot – First Boot Device for select boot mode from a flash drive or disk. In this line, select the name of your USB drive (floppy) and save the changes by clicking the F10 button and typing Y to confirm saving the data.

If the disc burn was successful, after the computer starts you will see a menu of Windows 7 installation. Following the instructions on screen to select the hard disk partition on which you want to install the system. If necessary, reformat each partition, using the buttons specified in the setup menu. Formatting will get rid of the last traces of the Windows XP operating system.

Wait until the partitioning step, decompress the installation files and restart the computer, then remove your disk from the drive or USB flash drive from the USB port. The installation will continue and you'll need to specify additional data (system, user name, new password, etc.). After completing the setup and installation the computer will restart again and you will see the window of the new system. The procedure for Windows 7 installation is complete and you can start configuring the right software.