Is it possible to reinstall Windows XP on Windows 7?

Windows XP operating system widely used in different organizations and some of them still use this system. With the advent of Windows 7, many users began to weigh the possible costs and benefits associated with the transition from one operating system to another. Windows 7 is a perfect analogue of the hopelessly outdated Windows XP, the maintenance of which the manufacturer today, even Microsoft does not produce. Unfortunately, the transition from one operating system to another without difficulties and limitations impossible. To install Windows 7, the user would first have to improve Windows XP to Windows Vista and then install Windows 7. Of course, there is another way out of the situation that is associated with buying a new computer, with preinstalled Windows 7 unfortunately, this approach can greatly "to hit the purse".

In that case if the desktop user is not concerned with the difficulties associated with migration from one operating system to another, then he will need to perform the following actions, after which you can start to install Windows 7. First you need to choose and buy the operating system compatible with a personal computer where it is installed. Then, with the help of a program Widnows Easy Transfer you can transfer some data and settings for Windows XP.

The Installation Of Windows 7

To install the operating system need to install itself installation disk into the appropriate drive. After starting the installation window, select "Immediate installation". In this case, the operating system will simply be updated to the new and improved version (in this case Windows 7) and a window will appear to check for important updates. After checking for updates is complete, you can proceed directly to the installation procedure. To do this, click on the "Install" button and select Custom (advanced) which will start the installation procedure of the OS.

In the next window, the user can select the desired partition to install the operating system and click the Next button. It is worth noting that even if the user will install Windows 7 on the same drive where the OS is old, it will be saved in the Windows folder.old. After this all the steps for installing the operating system like normal. The user is required to specify the name, choose the country, language and keyboard layout,enter a password for the account, and prompt. After this the system will require entering a security key which is written on the box with the disk. If it is entered correctly, the installation will continue and a window will open where you will need to specify the time zone and the settings for installing updates. Then will commence the procedure itself, and when it is finished, the user will have to work on Windows 7.