Advice 1: Why the Adam's Apple

Adam's Apple is protruding in the front wall of the larynx cartilage, consisting of two plates. In men, the angle between the cartilaginous plates is less, so the heavily favored Adam's Apple, protecting the throat from injury. The size of the Adam's Apple depend on the amount of testosterone hormone in the body, so women and children throat looks more smooth.
Why the Adam's Apple

What is the Adam's Apple?

Adam's Apple, which is also called the "Adam's Apple" - the protrusion of the larynx, which is a part of the thyroid cartilage on the anterior surface of the neck. It consists of two plates, between which the women and children angle is quite large, so the projection of the larynx is almost not noticeable, but in men, the angle is smaller and the throat is strongly expressed. The Adam's Apple begins to appear in the larynx of boys of from fourteen years, but there are examples of women who have a pronounced Adam's Apple.

The name "Adam's Apple" was given to this part of the larynx due to the biblical legends that Adam ate the Apple – the forbidden fruit, which gave him eve. A piece of Apple stuck in his throat, and then all the men of a protrusion of the larynx, which reminds about sin.

There is a surgery to reduce the size of the Adam's Apple – chondrolaryngoplasty. It is practiced by men, decided to change their sex to female.

Why the Adam's Apple?

In fact, the function of the Adam's Apple is much more complex than a reminder of original sin. This cartilage on the anterior wall of the larynx is associated with the amount of testosterone in the human body, in men it is more pronounced. It is believed that the size of the Adam's Apple affect the timbre of the voice in men: what it is, the lower the voice is the Adam's Apple only need to men said a male voice. These two phenomena – a large Adam's Apple and a husky, low voice do occur simultaneously, but one is a consequence of the other: this effect large quantities of testosterone.

Throat – one of the most vulnerable places in the human body. The Adam's Apple in the first place, protects the man's throat from injuries, while men, such protection was most needed, as they often acted as hunter, protect the family from intruders, he participated in wars and fights. Adam's Apple closes the trachea, near which it is located, starting from the trachea to the sternal articulation.

With the same purpose – to protect the throat from injury in men growing a beard.

Injury of the Adam's Apple is very painful. Despite the fact that Adam's Apple protects the throat, in itself it is defenseless, so it can easily be damaged. In some cases, as a result of such injury the person may remain silent or even awash with blood, if the wound is penetrating. Pieces of cartilage may get into the throat and lead to suffocation. Classes on self-defense, women learn to use this weak point of men and punch or push with his hand on the Adam's Apple. If you want to save your life, this technique is one of the most effective. But in sports it's illegal, because such a trauma is very dangerous to humans.

Also the Adam's Apple is necessary in order to cover the breath when swallowing, so food or water gets into the esophagus, not the airway.

Advice 2 : How to make voice rough

Low and sometimes rough male voice, oddly enough, not only attracts women, but generally pleasing to any source, as a low tone is perceived in the conversation much better. In addition, some musicians in the genre are supposed to have a low voice. However, lowering the tone is still possible.
How to make voice rough
There are exercises that can lower a voice in their systematic repetition. For example, pull the vocal cords is the letter "a" in his normal voice for ten minutes. The next day, pull the same vowel, but a tone lower. Try to pull long and evenly, keeping the original voice tone.
The second exercise is like the previous one. Standing or sitting, the maximum move your chin to your chest and say "zzzzzztt", that is buzz. If you raise your head, the timbre of your voice will increase when lowering again becomes low. This is because your vocal cords at this moment tense, and you have to train until then, until they become relaxed.
The next way is to remove all of your voice notes picklefest requires surgery. Under local anesthesia the surgeon will make a incision on the lower part of laryngeal cartilage, and checking your voice will change its tone to the desired.
Breathing exclusively through the nose leads to a coarsening of the vocal cords much faster than breathing through the mouth. So as often as possible, do breathing exercises, Cycling is the nose, or just try not to breathe with your mouth.
Male hormones will greatly lower your voice, and this method even extends to women. But the method itself can lead to unpredictable hormonal disorders that you will be able to eliminate only with the help of an endocrinologist and long-term therapy.
Voice coach and singing lessons, would be able to lower your voice to the desired tone, but will also install, learn to operate it. Sign up for guttural singing, which, among other things, expand the sound range of your voice.
And remember that common methods such as Smoking and alcohol consumption and even contribute to the deepening of your voice, but in General significantly reduce its capabilities and bring huge damage to your health.

Advice 3 : How to lower voice pitch

Low voice is a sign of manhood in front of him can't resist women. But what if the nature of your voice is not? There is a solution! Using special equipment, you'll be able to achieve the desired result.
How to lower voice pitch
The technique of "From head to toe"
Significantly lower your voice, you saying "right sock". For this you need to stand with your back straight, and breathe through the diaphragm. Support votes should not be in the vocal cords and the muscles of the diaphragm. In the process of inhalation the abdomen should protrude, not to get involved.
The effect of "vinyl records"
Compare the human voice with a vinyl record. If the rate of torsion of the plate is reduced, then the sound starts to do the full Barry white. With the voice of the same situation: if you slow your rate of speech, the voice will become lower.
Try experimenting with the voice right now and you'll see for yourself.
The increase in the extension pipe and the relaxation of the vocal cords
Simply put – spasms of the vocal cords.
Stand up straight, lower your chin to your chest and make the sound "and" on a low note. Then, without stopping, raise your eyes upwards. Navryatli first time out upstairs to keep the same low voice, but with time you will start to receive.
It is important not to overdo it – focus on your feelings.
The lowering of the larynx
To lower the larynx voice the need to do long. This will help a yawn or polution. Lock the state of the palate and tongue in this position and try to maintain it during the conversation. Over time it will get better and better.
Of course, this method should be resorted to only in extreme cases. Like surgery under local anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision over the lower part of laryngeal cartilage, and checking your voice will change its tone to the desired.
Useful advice
This is a common method of lowering the voice, like Smoking, of course, contribute to the deepening of your voice, but overall significantly reduces its ability and brings huge damage to your health.

Advice 4 : How to reduce Adam's Apple

Man and woman differ from each other by many outward signs. One difference is the Adam's Apple. Men have plates of cartilage of the larynx located at a more acute than that of women, the corner. As a result, Adam's Apple sticks out more. Many men are worried, and they want to reduce the Adam's Apple.
How to reduce Adam's Apple
Start to eat high-calorie food to gain weight. Adam's Apple visually will be less. Most of the Adam's Apple acts in men slim build.
Attend a sports or gym. An experienced instructor will show you exercises for inflating the shoulder muscles; together they will be working the muscles of the neck, which is a little "squeeze" the Adam's Apple.
To pump up the neck, systematically do the exercise of "wrestling bridge". To do this, lie on your back, vignete her, resting his head in the Mat, or the mattress and legs. In this position, bend your head back. Start to wiggle, changing the location of the touch head from the forehead to the nape. This is the easiest way to reduce the Adam's Apple at home.
Consider adding some details in your image. Much protruding Adam's Apple can be covered with a scarf, high collar sweater or turtleneck. Wear a scarf to the small size, otherwise it will seem that the neck you have a cast.
Go to the center for plastic surgery. If the Adam's Apple sticks out very much, then from the point of view of aesthetics, there is an operation to reduce the salient. Note that the operation is irreversible and has serious consequences, such as voice changes or loss.
If you decide to change the floor, you need chondrolaryngoplasty (truncation Adam's Apple) to make the voice more delicate, like a woman's. Directions are not necessary, as this operation is considered cosmetic.
Note your age at the time of surgery. With age, the laryngeal cartilage hardens, and this can complicate surgery to remove excess cartilage.
Think about what the neck after surgery may be a noticeable seam. Despite the fact that it is cosmetic, the degree of healing depends on the individual capabilities of the patient. Rehabilitation is not required.
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