Control your emotions. A frequent cause of quarrels – excessive irascibility and nervousness. These qualities are usually more characteristic of women, but there are exceptions. In a fit of anger, you can throw a huge scandal, to do the unspeakable and stupid things or say words that can greatly hurt a loved one. As soon as you feel that can at any moment to fall, try to distract. Let's talk to another topic, and when you calm down, discuss a compromise solution.
Learn to forgive offenses. In family life they are almost inevitable, and it is important to forget them. The accumulated unpleasant emotions leads to stress and disease. Goodbye consciously, for yourself. Believe that your spouse (husband or wife) loves you and does not want to hurt intentionally.
Do not criticize and do not condemn. For couples this is a difficult task. Sometimes it's hard to realize that he constantly criticizes partner – it can manifest itself in irony, refinements, laughing, ignoring. Find wife good traits and praise them. Always try to stand on the other side, to look from another point of view. Also learn not to be offended by criticism from a partner. Answer it calmly and confidently.
Give more attention to the partner. Be caring, say nice things, tell about their feelings. Even a small gesture can forget about a serious offense. If you ever do, you will notice the same attitude. Treat your family relationshipsm optimistic, be positive – such a person is easy to communicate and do not want to find out the relationship.
Learn to solve problems peacefully. Don't Harbor a grudge, discuss an unpleasant situation for you with a partner, but do not criticize, do not make the scandals, don't judge. Tell us about your feelings, justify their claims. Most likely, the partner didn't want to hurt you and acted on a whim. Talk about their relationship, and forgive each other.
Try to move away from each other. Constant close communication inevitably leads to the fact that people begin to hurt each other in sick. Separation allows you to forget the insults and remember the feelings. You can just some time to communicate less, to do their business and meet with friends. Use this method only in case if I need to improve family relationships. If they are so damaged that they need to re-build, the break can make you strangers to each other.