Is it possible to live together for many years and never quarrel? We are all real people, besides the rhythm of modern life is such that avoiding stress is very difficult. It makes us nervous, and sometimes we pick on the relatives. It is unlikely you will find a person who lived a long life and never caught a cold. Similarly, in family life, and if occasionally there's a conflict, the main thing – to find him a constructive way and "recover" as quickly as possible. And strengthen the immunity of your family body to quarrels happen as rarely as possible.

We offer you 5 tips from couples who have lived together for many years.

1. Travel – together and separately

We all need rest, not only from working but even from each other. Best rest is known – a change of activity! When you rest together is your shared memories that strengthens your Union emotionally, creates your own little world. Your joint tourist trip you will remember for years to come. But, if you spend a lot of time together, separate recreation are also necessary. It is not necessary to Deplete your love – even she sometimes needs a rest. Allow yourself sometimes to miss each other!

2. Regularly make love

Psychologists and psychotherapists insist that sex is the most important part of a relationship. If in private life you have no harmony – it is unlikely that your relationship will be flawless for many years of marriage. Try to diversify your intimacy, keep the fire of passion in each other – this will help you to maintain emotional intimacy.

3. Forgive the offences

Grudges destroy us from within. In addition, it often happens that we accumulate in the soul of resentment, until one day this thread will break out. Pronounce all aspects – from global life plans to the most minor details. Don't stifle a grudge and learn to forgive each other, because none of us are perfect.

4. Do not disturb the friendship

Marriage should not interfere with you and your spouse to live a full, productive life. The life cycle of "home-work-home" sometimes you have to stop the get-togethers with friends. Well, if you have mutual friends, but even in that case, if the spouse wanted to go with friends on a fishing trip – that's no reason to roll up his scandal. This also applies to women: the beautiful half of humanity no less, needs a break from family routine!

5. Have common Hobbies

You have to combine not only the common life, children and a stamp in the passport. A common hobby, Hobbies, trips – all things make your life rich and interesting, all what you will remember in your old age. You should be interesting together!