The first thing to do is call the wife on straight talk. Sit down together and calmly discuss your relationship. Express to him your doubts, the anguish, it may also tell that he was uncomfortable with or worried. During the conversation try to maintain a calm tone. Even if you are not satisfied with something in your husband's behavior, it is not necessary for him to shout, and even more insulting. All your claims must be substantiated, as a man is easier to understand the logical chain of reasoning than the arguments on emotions. A good, properly constructed conversation can be a starting point for improving relations.
Bring in your family life something new and unusual. It may be a trip to some romantic place for the weekend, or going to the restaurant. The modern world offers a huge selection of Hobbies, among which you will be able to find something that will interest you both, will bring with each other will make your family life more colorful.
Often, relationships in families are spoiled because people think you know everything about your partner, and he can't offer them anything new. Because of this lost interest. But every person is a book that you can read the whole life, but never to reach its end. Look at the husband, and you will definitely find there something interesting and unknown to you. And do try to open a spouse with an unexpected side to him. To do this, more talk about interests and Hobbies each other during work time.
Change ourselves. Go to the beauty shop, I can change hair color, style of clothing. Sign up to the gym. The man, as he would not be years, you always want to see a well-groomed, stylish woman. And if you can't afford now to call this, it's likely the reason for the cooling lies in this.
If your appearance is all right, the reason may be that your husband is not about what you talk. Especially such situation is characteristic for Housewives. My husband always revolves around other people, talking to workers and other topics, somehow constantly evolving, and the wife is mired in worries about children and about the home. The couple simply disappear common topics of conversation. To correct this situation. Interested in what is happening in the world, not just in your apartment. Go on some courses, you might want to go to work, not so much for money as for their own development. Become interesting in terms of communication. Your man will appreciate it.
Pay attention to the sexual side of your life. How often do you have sex with her husband? As far as your desire for it great? If the answers to these questions are disappointing, then you need something urgently to change in this regard. You should start again with a Frank conversation. Find out husband, what are you missing in the intima, what would you like to see these relations. And then based on the result of the conversation, try to establish the sexual side of your life. It may be used to vary posture, or you want something more original. Don't be afraid of Frank conversations on this topic, as this may affect the future of your family.