You will need
  • Pulverizer, iron, cloth, towel.
Remove the product from the leather inside out, put it on a hanger and hang over the bathtub or near the shower so that water falling on the material. Turn indoors hot water for ten minutes to form pairs. The hot steam will straighten the folds and creases of things. Wait until the product is dry – preferably at least twelve hours.
A similar method involves the use, instead of a couple of water. The product hanging on the rack, with the spray water material inside, then the hands straighten out artificial skin, smooth out bumps and allow to hang freely to dry.
If the product doesn't look completely bruised, there's only the folds or creases in one place, it is not necessary to put the whole thing in such procedures. For example, to smooth the sleeve of the jacket leatherette, you need to take a piece of thick cloth or towel, folded it into a pad and insert it into the sleeve to take the desired shape without folds.
Turn on the iron, select the function steam and let off steam over the artificial skin, keeping iron at a distance of fifteen inches from the material. Once is enough to let off steam, a large amount of steam may damage the product. Then smooth the fabric with your hands and hang the product so that the smooth part was hanging freely.
Iron artificial skin is undesirable, and in any case this can not be done without a protective layer of tissue on the front side of the leatherette. Be sure to turn garment inside out. Decompose the product on the Ironing Board, turn the iron on the minimum power, turn off the steam. The ideal temperature is not more than 35oC.
Cover with a cloth or towel and iron first a small inconspicuous area to check how the leather under the influence of iron. Slide the iron very gently, barely touching. If artificial skin is smoothed out, damage is not observed, smooth out all the creases. It is desirable to enclose under a special Board for Ironing without hands or towel.
Smooth faux-leather sofa or chair by using a wet piece of fabric is well pressed by hand or in the washing machine. Cover the furniture with cloth during the day, as it dries moisten with a spray gun. To smooth out the creases on the shoes from artificial leather, stuff them with newspaper or cloth to give form to, apply Shoe cream with no color and set to dry, not next to the batteries or other heating devices. Through the night again apply the cream.