The symptoms of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is considered a very insidious condition in which quietly damages the heart, kidneys and blood vessels, the result of heart attacks and strokes. People may not feel any external signs of impending problems, but some symptoms of hypertension do occur quite often.
In any case you should not endure high blood pressure – it can cause a stroke.

The main symptoms of high pressure are: headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, tachycardia, heart pain, weakness, sweating and facial flushing. It is also noted chills, redness of the vessels of the eyeballs, the uneasy feeling, morning puffy face, numbness of fingers and swelling after intake of salty food.

The cause of hypertension could be lack of potassium and magnesium, neuro-emotional stress, excessive physical exertion, weather dependent and alcoholism. Pressure can increase factors such as Smoking, drinking large amounts of salt, kidney disease and chondrosis of the vertebral column.

First aid for high blood pressure

If you have elevated blood pressure, and you feel nausea or a severe headache, use the tonometer. If a higher 160-170, immediately call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, take in the bed a comfortable semi-sitting position and try not to get up. If this is not the first hypertensive crisis, and you also feel numbness in the cheeks, take the extraordinary dose of his medication, which you usually use at elevated pressures.
With a sharp headache, you can take one pill a diuretic, which displays the excess fluid from the body and help to relieve the pressure.

If the crisis marked by severe pain in the chest or heart, place the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin. No other drugs make it is not recommended. Also do not abruptly lower the blood pressure is fraught with the development of heart failure and other complications.

Relief of hypertensive crisis involves the lowering of a high pressure for one hour at 25-30 mm Hg, compared with baselines. It is desirable to provide fresh air to the room and wait for the doctor in complete peace.