If during the day you had stressful situations (scandals scolding from his superiors, family emergency), you had to get upset, worry about something or someone, then in the evening it can get a headache and increase blood pressure. Scientists attribute this to the change of human biological rhythms: the rhythm is broken – the broken processes in the body. This is his reaction to the shock experienced during the day. Do not ignore the signal, take preventive measures, which measure the pressure regularly and not only when you have a headache or palpitations.

Improper diet

Regular consumption of fatty foods, lack in the diet vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants, leads to the formation of plaque on vascular walls. Over time, the lumen of the vessels becomes smaller. And if the day after a full night's sleep the body is somehow cope with the bloodstream, then later in the afternoon the vessels begin to work at maximum capacity. In a result blood pressure rises. Be as early as possible to establish a balanced diet, and then many health problems can be avoided.

Lack of exercise

This reason is related to the previous two. Thanks to regular physical training and sports, soften stress, toxins and toxins, crushed and disappear cholesterol plaques, resulting in increased lumen of the vessels, and they become more elastic and firm. But if you avoid exercise, forces your body will last for a few hours and by evening all the organs will work at the limit. And this affects the blood pressure – they are creeping up.

Coffee and alcohol

Alcohol, strong tea and black coffee drinking by day, in large amounts, can cause elevated pressure in the evening. It's all in the breakdown products of caffeine and alcohol, which cause spasms of the blood vessels of the brain. As a result, there are the classic hypertonic symptoms – pulsation in the temples and the nape of the neck, muscle weakness, rapid heart rate. Should get back to a healthy lifestyle, active leisure, it is possible to minimize psychological stress, and maybe the pressure is normalized.

Smoking and environmental pollution

These different factors according to their action is very similar to the principle of accumulation. In the early days, the poisoning of the body to tobacco smoke (this is not necessarily to be Smoking), harmful fumes, exhaust gases and other "charms" of modern life still small. But in the late afternoon toxic substances accumulate, the negative effects on the body grows, there comes a narrowing of the blood vessels, they no longer cope with the blood flow, and blood pressure rises, my head hurts, the body binds fatigue.

If the condition you experience quite often, it makes sense to give up Smoking, or try not to visit places where people smoke too much, spend more time in nature. In the case of residence in an area with polluted air, it makes sense to set the house cleaner.