In the day you can go to Red square and admire the views of the Moscow Kremlin. Within walking distance from the red square, many museums, theatres and exhibitions. So the day will not be lost in vain, you can always find what to do and what to visit/see. For example, the Alexander garden, which in spring and summer simply stuns with its beauty. Or the infamous arena, where a variety of fountains, trees and a very interesting stone benches.
In late spring, summer and early autumn on the weekend it is good to visit the Museum-estate "Kolomenskoye". There is not only very beautiful nature and wonderful air, there are also several historical buildings that belong to the XVIII century. You can also visit the honey fair, which traditionally takes place in "Kolomenskoe", or a ride on a river steamer. The navigation period is valid from April to November, and the road across the water takes about an hour.
If the weather is nice and no severe frosts, you can go to the estate Tsaritsyno. There you can still see the old buildings, admire the majestic trees, some of which have more than 200, and even 300 years. If you really really want to dive into the past, you can travel about a kilometer carriage. Pleasure is not the cheapest — a thousand rubles to the passenger, but the experience is unforgettable. And in Tsaritsyno Park there is a hall of children's attractions. So the child can safely bring.
In cold weather, when it is desirable to take refuge in the warm, but don't really want to sit at home, you can go to the theatre. For example, in "Lenkom" that in Malaya Dmitrovka, where still you can see such legendary productions as "the Marriage", "All paid", "Jester Balakirev" or the rock Opera "Juno and Avos". There is the Gorky Moscow art theater, the Chekhov Moscow art theater and many other theaters that you can visit during the weekend.
In that case, if the weather allows, it is useful to go to the Sparrow hills, from where you can admire the panorama of the Russian capital. There you can walk on slopes and hills to go to the forest or walk along the scenic banks of the river.