Countries where visa is issued on arrival

Visa on the border issue for Egypt and Turkey, though she will need to pay 15 to 20 dollars. On arrival visa is issued and the Dominican Republic (30 days), Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Maldives and the Seychelles. To obtain an entry permit at the airport you can also in Bangladesh and Bahrain, Nepal, Syria, Cambodia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mozambique.

Countries requiring prior visa

When you visit any European country must obtain a Schengen visa. The first time it usually issued for 30 to 90 days, the second for six months. A Schengen visa takes from 3 to 21 working days, depending on country and number of tourists. This permission is required to enter Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, the Baltic States and other members of the European Union.
To visit the UK require a special visa, to which is often much more difficult than the Schengen. And the passport after the expiry of the visa will be valid for six months.

An entry permit in advance must be made in the US and Canada, and to apply and interview for a visa in these countries are Russian citizens have personally in the Embassy of these countries in Moscow. A visa is also required in many countries in South America: Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Chile, and Uruguay.

To obtain a visa required to visit African countries. So, the entry permit tourist demand in Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Botswana, Benin, Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Congo, Chad, South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, in the Comoros and in many other States of the continent.

To apply for a visa you need to travel to Japan and China, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Pakistan and Palestine. Requires permission when you visit Iraq and Iran.
Visa processing in Japan can take a month, so its design should take care long before going to this country.

To visit Australia you also need to pre-arrange an entry permit, the period of registration which may take 20 working days. To send documents to the Embassy of Australia in Moscow by courier, but she had a tourist visa, usually issued for 12 months, which is very convenient.