Read her husband and obey him. A Muslim wife must always obey, if the husband does not require what is prohibited by the Koran. Never contradict your spouse, even if he wants you to do what you very hard to do. For example, the husband can order his wife to see their parents once a week, and she must do everything unquestioningly.
Guide the economy as best as possible. If your job prevents you take care of the home and wife, the husband may demand to throw it, and you must obey. Living in the house her husband's parents, do not argue with her and follow all her orders, even if the older relative is abusing you. Don't forget about the position of daughters-in-law in a Muslim house.
Always ask permission of the husband, leaving the house or inviting into your house of other people, even if it's your parents, brothers or sisters. It does not matter the absence of her husband at the time when you intend to leave or to bring someone. If the spouse has not consented, or you have not yet received his answer, leaving the house or the invitation to come will be considered as a serious misconduct for which the husband can punish the wife.
Take care of yourself and always try to dress up and make up for her husband as best as possible. At the same time, you have no right to try to attract the attention of other men. This means that leaving home, a woman should dress according to Islamic custom, hiding my body as much as possible, not to sit next to a stranger and especially not to speak with him.
Forgive the rudeness and disrespect a husband to you, always talk to your spouse respectfully and humbly. The wife must endure if her husband yells at her, insulting and beating. According to Islamic tradition, the husband has the right to beat his wife to teach her. In this case you should not resist. Take any rudeness husband with a smile and humility, to try to achieve his respect, and to fulfill the requirements of Islam.