Shooting is divided into the infinity (in nature, on the street) and Studio. Shooting in any indoor environment can be attributed to Studio.
View some photos of the Studio. Note the background: it is uniform, often white. Sometimes used other neutral colors: grey and black. For creating special effect you can use chromatic color (from the spectrum), but in this case, the clothes of the model should be in harmony with it, not merge, but not to cause too aggressive contrast. In the background can serve as a wide long curtain without ornament and pattern.
To create terrain around the model only the background, and the interior. In this case it is better to remove all personal belongings from the frame.
Lighting. The best option is natural sunlight, especially morning or evening. It should not blind neither the camera nor the model, that is, be on the side or top of the photographer and the model. if there is no sun, you can use lamps, removable flash and reflectors – a special round disc, covered with a white cloth or foil that reflect light in dim, less aggressive form.
Clothes and make-up of the model depend on the artistic ideas of shooting. The choice of colors subject to the General rules of chromatics.
The construction of the frame depends largely on the ideas, but to have the main items (including the model) is better in the center of the frame, sometimes a little higher. Experiment, set the camera and model into any position what will fit, take multiple angles of the same position, you will definitely understand exactly what you need.