You will need
  • Place for a photo shoot, photographer
A professional photographer uses the camera as a magic wand, the photo can be determined even emotional state, so with a bad mood to do a photo shoot is not worth it. Often the most successful choice of locations for shooting is the Studio photographer and the session can be divided into 2 stages. The first to be held in the Studio, the second in the nature or in the city.
Take care about the appearance, carefully pick clothes. It will not hurt to take a few options of dresses or suits and shoes and accessories. Examine carefully selected the clothes to see how it will look in the photos, it is not necessary to wear dresses and blouses with lots of folds and Ruche, as it is easy to get lost.
Don't be shy of the photographer, listen to his advice. He knows how to make beautiful pictures, in what direction you need to turn your head where to put a hand, etc.
A sense of confidence in your appearance will give a high-quality makeup and hair styling. This is better to think in advance and make an appointment at the hairdresser's. Don't forget about the nails, the lacquer must be suitable to all selected clothing for photo shoots. Hair with lots of Bobby pins, hairpins and curls will look ridiculous with a business suit or light summer clothing.
The day before shooting you need to sleep to be fresh and well rested, don't have to drink a lot of fluids in order to avoid puffiness and bags under the eyes. Remember hair removal, because quality photos will be visible hairs each.
In the pictures you should look natural, don't need to do forced smiles and pouts, it will be evident. A large layer of makeup will also be excessive if you don't want to be like mannequin, because on every picture you can delete that appears, pimples, wrinkles and redness.
Before the photo session, you can spend a bit of time and practice in front of a mirror, choosing appropriate postures.