Arrange accents

Try to focus not on the negative aspects and positive aspects. No matter what difficult situation you may be, surely there are some pleasant moments during the day that you need to think before bedtime.
When you focus only on the bad, you cease to see a reason for joy. It is necessary to shift our attention on the more upbeat moments and keep positive easier.

Remember that you have in life. Health, home, family, work, friends, Pets or Hobbies – all your wealth. Do not forget to thank life for what she gave you these blessings.

Create a mood

You can affect your own mood with books or movies. During the difficult times of your life, avoid watching news and movies hard. Give preference to comedies. Read inspiring or relaxing literature, for example, detective stories, humorous stories or fantasy. Depressing novels and crime reports will only increase your stress.

Small pleasures will make your life more pleasant and give extra reason to smile. Physical comfort, food, pastime, relaxing massage, walking will help you maintain an optimistic attitude.

Choose environment

Be careful what kind of people are around you most of the day. Your environment affects your life in General and your attitude in particular. When you communicate a lot with the optimistic, cheerful people, you get a positive charge. Conversely, spending time with negative-minded individuals, and you can start to complain, to criticize, to complain and see everything in dark shades.


Do everything dependent on you to resolve a difficult situation. Do not be discouraged, and work hard to get out of the predicament. Try, and you will have reason to be proud of themselves, and thus be in a good mood. When a person does not realize own potential and giving up, he already because this feels miserable.
In addition, thanks to your efforts, a difficult situation may soon change for the better. Then concerns will remain.

Get rid of negativity

Watch your words and thoughts. Do not allow them forms of negativity. This is especially true of self-criticism. Remember that you need to love yourself and not to blame. Think about your achievements and strengths. Praise and encourage yourself. Then you will be able to overcome all the difficult moments in life.