You will need
  • Personal computer
  • Document course work
  • Microsoft Word 2007
Open the document your course work and make a copy. Click on the "main menu", select "save as". In the window that appears, save the file under any name.
Open the copy of the document and delete everything except the title page. Need to do the following: click on "draft" (you will unlock the hidden tabs) and delete icons on all pages except the title. Save the file under the name "cover sheet".
where is the button "draft"
In a similar manner as in step 2, remove the title page from the original. Now click several times in the lower part of the sheet and a menu will appear for the header and footer. Then put a tick in the "special header / footer for the first page". Thus, the numbering will begin with the topic course work Introduction that meets the requirements.
please note the red circle