You will need
  • computer;
  • - a document created in Microsoft Word.
When you create a multipage document, tabular or text format to number the page will not be superfluous. And as it turns out, in practice, quite simple. Which is very handy if you are writing a report, speech, script, term paper or write a book. Just a few simple steps – and your document is not be mixed under any circumstances.
Create the program of Microsoft Word text document. To do this, you can click the right mouse button on the desktop or in the free space in your folder. Rename the document using the right mouse button. And double click left button open the document. In other settings, the document may open in a different way. What document need to highlight left click and with right button and choose the desired option from the dropdown.
In an open document on the top toolbar, find the Insert menu, click and drop-down box, select "page Numbers". Click on the button with this label and go to the settings menu numbering. In the new window select the position of numbers: bottom of page or top of the page. Specify style, alignment: left, center, right, inside, outside. Here on the right you can see a sample of how will look like your numbered document. Check or uncheck the box next to the caption "Room on the first page".
Then click on "Format" in this window and next specify the number format, if necessary, include Chapter number and select a style and separator. Here note, as should be the numbering of the document: to continue or to start with a particular page. Click "OK".
The page numbering can be inserted in a blank document and is ready. But don't forget to distribute the text: perhaps you may need to move it or, conversely, to tighten.