A polygraph test begins with the test object attached to several sensors that will monitor the psychophysical state of check on the lie detector man. After that, the examiner will try to find the so-called point of reference – States that are, when I'm sure you are telling the truth and probably lying. To do this, the specialist sets their client basic questions.

First, those which are not imperceptibly to lie. This includes topics such as name, clothes, skin color, and also features, as a rule, is inherent in all people. After that, on the contrary, the examiner asks you to lie. This approach allows us to gather information about the condition of the body when the person is lying and when telling the truth. Now you can start the real testing.
The polygraph interview usually lasts two to three hours with a small five-minute breaks. Questions are usually no more than a hundred, but they are repeated periodically to gather the most complete and accurate information.
Hiring employees in the state, executives are primarily interested in whether the candidate drugs and did they ever, also not to avoid questions about the theft and other illegal activities, even if it's a penalty for crossing in the wrong place. To lie is not necessarily – an experienced examiner before a series of tricky questions always offers to confess himself, without the participation of the polygraph, noting that "confession" will be counted when applying for a job.
Sometimes present and quite personal questions about betrayal, friendship, dreams. Often employers are interested in your attitude towards others and to their superiors. It's not always nice, but too candid or intimate questions, as a rule, does not happen.
Is it possible to cheat a lie detector? This question is not quite correct, much more relevant other – whether it is possible to trick the polygraph? It is the professional specialist will analyze data and make decisions about what lied under test.
The most well-known ways of cheating a lie detector is not working today, and experienced professionals can easily see the point where the test trying to have fooled the polygraph. However, many people manage to deceive and lie detector and polygraph. But you need to have good nerves and try to deceive the examiner still in the stage of search of points of reference, confuse the program and its operator at the beginning, when serious questions still far.