The waiter is obliged to be agile, active in nature, moreover, must have a good memory, which is useful not only to quickly calculate in my head in order to remember it and the customer who ordered the dish, but also to remember that he "dozakazat" restaurant with various tables that he serves.
To work as a waiter at a decent restaurant, you should before you come to the job interview, know "perfectly" the rules of table layout. They may be different in different cafes and restaurants, but with their foundations waiter must be initially familiar.
Man with tray in hand you need to be able to handle it, to know the procedure of take-away meals and how to arrange them on a tray, how to carry it in his hands. The nuances of the waiters are studying in special courses of advanced training of restaurant employees.
The employee in the service sector and supply should be in the hands of non-expired medical book. Also important is the condition of the waiter. If he suffers from a tendency to allergic manifestations (in restaurants often smoky, a lot of heat, odors, etc.), diseases of legs (varicose veins, flat feet, swelling), he was working in the restaurant, it will be difficult to master.
The appearance of the waiter should always be neat, clean, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene carefully. Cheerful and well-groomed waiter is much more likely to get a prestigious high-paying job than the sloppy and gloomy. The best age to work as a waiter to 27 years.
When table service the waiter is obliged to show friendliness to the customer, to constantly observe what is happening at the table, which it serves. You want to be ready to come at any moment to the table when the visitor call the waiter or when you need to replace the ashtray, a glass, plates and so on. The waiter must be familiar with the range of not only food establishment in which he works, and beverages, expertly and unobtrusively offer their types to the client.