Choosing a place of employment, give preference to the classic restaurants with great evening cheque. A good income bring beer bars, where they usually go, and also coffee shops with fast turnover of tables. The most unfavorable in terms of tips of places – cafes, canteens and restaurants, where the calculation is in the card, which is issued at the entrance.
There are two systems of dividing tips. The first means "common pot". At the end of the shift all the money are added together and divided among the workers in equal shares, and takes into account not only the waiters and bartenders, but also serving dishes. Another option would be that all the money left by your table, get you, but you have no right to divide foreign tips. The second method allows you to earn more, but only provided quick service.
Try to get to the popular service tables, behind which sit the willing customers. In most restaurants, distribution of work responsible administrator or the chief of the hall. Install a good relationship with him – this person influence your future income.
Do not show that you are only interested in tips. Owners and managers of the restaurant are interested in the profit of the institution. Increase the amount of the check – this will provide you with the best tables, and possibly additional premium.
Do not leave guests unattended. If in the kitchen there is a delay, go to them, explain that the ordered food will arrive in 10 minutes and offer to pass the time waiting, ordering another cocktail or glass of wine. The increase in check will ensure you have a good reputation in the eyes of management, and caring will make caressed by the guests more generous.
Watch out for the guests. If they restlessly look around the hall, ask what they need. Request to bring the menu, wine list or invoice must be implemented immediately. Quicker than the waiter, the better the opinion of the guests about it.
Learn the menu and wine list. Be prepared to recommend a particular dish or drink. Forget phrases like "Well, it's all delicious" or "I don't know, I didn't try." If you ask for advice, answer clearly and confidently – it makes an impression on the guest. Please tell me if the dish is very spicy and contains garlic, large amount of onions or unusual sauce. You should know the ingredients included in each food, portion size and ideally its calorie content.
If you come with children, take care of the kids. Parents will appreciate it. Bring the child a compliment from the institution, if it is practiced in your restaurant. Get ready to perform unusual requests, for example, for a glass of milk off the menu, or eggs without bacon. Try to convey your request to the kitchen and make sure that it was performed.
When it comes to calculation, not disappear. Be in sight of the guest. Lightning bring the change. Try to it was filed middle-sized bills. Do not expect that after a business lunch guest generously will leave you with hundreds of the paper. Not likely with smaller money, he'll never give you a tip. Note that metal money guests dislike. Therefore filed a handful of ten-dollar coins has a chance to remain intact, which is beneficial for you.